UPDATE: Drummer Accusing Beyonce of Witchcraft

A judge refused to issue a restraining order against Beyoncé. Her former drummer claimed Beyoncé cursed her using “dark magic.”

Kimberly Thompson accused Beyoncé of ruining her love life. She supposedly “jumped into other bodies” to watch Thompson get naked with lovers and "manipulated" her. The judge didn’t believe the allegations were credible.

Thompson also claimed Beyoncé murdered a three-month-old kitten. Shortly after rescuing the kitty, it started “doing weird, magical stuff.” So she consulted a psychic who told her that the cat was cursed. Kimberly sought a second opinion from another psychic, who blamed Beyoncé’s bedeviling.

Kimberly told Daily Mail TV, (quote) “They were like the cat has a spell on it. They were like ‘Yes, Beyoncé put a spell on the cat.’”

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