Flight Attendant Yells At Mom For Crying Baby

Here’s some more trouble from United Airlines. Krupa Patel Balal claims that a flight attendant from the airline yelled at her when her 8-month-old started crying on the flight.

According to the mother, she was sitting in business class on a flight from Sydney to San Francisco when the baby started crying. That’s when the flight attendant “yelled” that it was “absolutely unacceptable” for the baby to cry “for more than five minutes.” In a post to Facebook, she claims that she was told it was “part of the rule book.” 

Balal adds that she tried to soothe the baby as much as she could, but the attendant remained “unapologetic.” So, she has promised that she will “never fly on United again.” The airline has since issued an apology.

Source: KTVU

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