WATCH: Gay Penguins Snatch Baby from "Negligent" Parents

A gay penguin couple reportedly decided to take things into their own fins when they saw a chick being “neglected” by its parents. According to a zookeeper at Odense Zoo in Denmark, the penguins snatched the baby while the “negligent” parents left it alone while they went swimming.

Zookeeper Sandie Munck says that she witnessed the drama unfold once the mom and dad went for their daily swim. “The parents disappeared and the kid was simply kidnapped,” she explains. “When they saw him alone they probably thought ‘that’s too bad, we’ll snatch it.’”

Any human in the same situation would undoubtedly put up a heck of a fight to get their baby back – and so did these parents. Munck adds that while the adopted parents did get into a flightless quarrel over the chick, they eventually gave it back up. The good news is that the zoo decided to gift the gay penguin couple their own egg from a mama penguin who wasn’t able to take care of it due to illness.

Source: New York Post

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