LISTEN: Shawn Mendes Drops Remix featuring Zedd

As promised, Zedd and Shawn Mendes just dropped the DJ’s remix of Shawn’s new single “Lost In Japan.”

“When we decided to make 'Lost In Japan' the next single, I wanted to do an exciting remix for the song," Shawn shares. "With Zedd being a good friend and such an amazing artist, it felt natural to ask him to collaborate on it. What he did with it is so incredible, and I’m so excited for the world to hear it.”

Zedd says he was "excited" when Shawn asked him to work on the song, adding, "I tried to fuse both of our worlds together and bring us both to a place we wouldn’t have gone to by ourselves. It’s my favorite song from the album so it was super fun to put my own touch to it.” Check out the remix to the right.



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