LISTEN: Lady Gaga Duets with Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga has shared an emotional song from the soundtrack to her upcoming movie “A Star Is Born.” The track, “Shallow,” is a duet with her co-star and director Bradley Cooper. 

A video for the track was also released, featuring clips from the film, including the pair performing the song in front of a crowd.

“A Star Is Born” opens October 5th. Check out the song to the right.

In other Gaga news…the singer appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres” show where she took part in Ellen’s “Burning Questions” segment. In it she revealed that her first celebrity crush was Adrien Brody, that her favorite body part is her nose, the three things she must do every day is work out, meditate and sing, she sleeps in nothing, if she could only watch one reality show it would be “90 Day Fiancé,”  her first kiss with a boy named Austin when she was 14 and “f**k” is her favorite curse word. 

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