Bill Cosby Spends First Day in Jail

What’s Bill Cosby’snew life at Pennsylvania's SCI Phoenix like? In some eyes, not very different – except that he’s not allowed to go where he pleases. According to Press Secretary for Corrections Amy Worden, Cosby – now known as Inmate number NN7687 – does have a private cell that’s seven-feet by 13-feet with a ceiling that’s 10-feet tall.

Worden confirms that Cosby will also have "access to a game room and exercise room" – and when it comes to entertainment, she says he "will be able to purchase his own television, radio and tablet so that he will be able to receive email, music and books.” But don’t get too upset, as she notes "these are possessions that inmates are allowed to have.”

Speaking of other inmates, while Cosby is currently residing in a single cell, he is expected to be moved into the General Population at some point. And that’s a concerning thing toOJ Simpson – who yes, has offered comment on the subject. As OJ sees it, rapists are “looked down on” in the Big House…and that Cosby will surely be a target. As such,OJ tells TMZ that Cosby should do his time at home…under house arrest. “With his health and his age and the nature of the crime,” OJ notes. “There's not a warden in this country wants the responsibility of a Bill Cosby.”

Turns out, Cosby spoke with his wife Camille by phoneyesterday - and for those wondering why she wasn't at the sentencing a family spokesman says Cosby didn't want family there to avoid them being harassed. And yes, an appeal is already being worked on.Source: Fox News

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