WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Wants You to Drink His Gin

Next time you find yourself on a Virgin Atlantic flight, Ryan Reynolds is making sure you’re sipping on his Aviation American Gin. He's been busy promoting his liquor brand lately, and most recently, he’s teamed up with Virgin Atlantic founder Sir Richard Branson to bring Aviation American Gin to the airline.

In a funny video, the two make the announcement. “In order to maximize our shareholder value, we are pleased to announce Virgin Atlantic and Aviation are merging,” Reynolds jokes, quickly corrected by Branson that it’s “more of a partnership.” Branson then suggests that the actor “Go easy on the business talk.”

Reynolds adds that they're coming together to form “Aviavirgination,” to which Branson responds by walking off set. But in all seriousness, Virgin Airlines will start serving Aviation American Gin at their clubhouses and aircrafts. They’ll be celebrating the partnership by bringing it to this year’s London Cocktail Week from October 3rd to 7th. Check out the video below

Source: CNBC

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