Top Fall TV shows for Millennials <This is funny>

OKAY...this is funny.  saw this on REDDIT this morning.  It's a joke list of fall TV shows targeting millennials.  

"Murder, She Snapchatted"

"Sexts and the City"

"Two Woke Girls"

"Man Without a Plan"

"How to Get Away with Ghosting"

"Two and a Half Mansplainers"

"Whose Apple Watch Is It Anyway?"

"Kevin Can Wait . . . To Finish Getting His College Degree"

"Six Feet Under . . . Student Debt"

"Curb Your White Privilege"

"'Merica's Got Talent"

"Bob's Veggie Burgers"

"The Hoverboarding Dead"

"Queer Eye for the Dude Who Probably Still Clips His BlackBerry to His Belt"

"Buffy the Attention Span Slayer"

"Better Call Saul . . . on Your New iPhone XS"

"American Horror Story:  Adulting"

"Diners, Drive-Ins and Sriracha"

Lastly let me just post this video again because its funny too.

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