Ben Affleck: Getting Better

We’ve been telling you that all appears to be well with Ben Affleck’s latest trip to rehab. And word is, he’s officially completed 30 days in the facility. According to a source, Ben is “doing much better,” but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to leave.

This may not be the first time he’s entered rehab, but the difference is that this time he’s apparently taking it way more seriously. The source adds that it looks like Ben is planning on sticking around the facility for a couple more weeks, although he’s “taking things day by day.”

Of course, he’s not thrilled that his most recent trip to rehab was at the center of the public’s attention, with paparazzi documenting the whole thing. But with that has come support that has been encouraging for him, so it seems to be for the best. The insider adds, “Ben is really trying very hard to get better."

Source: People

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