Need to Lose Weight? Use Your Hand!

Dieting is a big business and most of us have tried at least one in our lifetime. The hard part is keeping it off once we shed the pounds. Now there’s a simple “rule of thumb” that can help you.

According to Suzy Wengel, author of “The Scandi Sense Diet,” to be successful, use your hand as a measuring cup! It’s simple, you only eat what fits in your hand. You cup your hands with fingers touching to make it work. And no, you don’t have to put all the foods in your hand - mashed potatoes would be gross! Just use it as a visual aid with some of the messier foods.

Wengel discovered this handy trick by struggling with weight loss herself. The author yo-yo dieted, nixed carbs, sugar - you name it. Then she tried measuring with her hand and over nine months lost 88 pounds. It’s not an exact science and the pounds shed slow, but you create a new habit that’s hard to break.

Source: New York Post

The Key To Losing Weight Is In Your Hand! - Thumbnail Image

The Key To Losing Weight Is In Your Hand!

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