The Internet Isn’t Happy With The Name Mayochup

We recently told you about Heinz making Mayochup a reality and now that the news has gotten out, people have lots of feelings on the subject. Reactions to Mayochup have been fairly positive, but some folks just can’t handle the name. The general consensus is that “Mayochup” is a fine condiment, but there was clearly a phonetically smoother option. The Internet really thinks it should’ve been called “Tomayo” instead and people took to Twitter to share their outrage.

  • “I'm pro #Mayochup but we all know it should be called Tomayo,” tweeted one fan.
  • Another asked, “Why isn't #mayochup called Tomayonnaise? Call me, @HeinzKetchup_US.”
  • And someone else tweeted, “Why can't it be Metchup? Mayochup doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. I feel like I'd choke on my hot dog saying "pass the Mayochup."

The folks at Delish even reached out to Heinz to see if they actually considered “Tomayo” and it turns out, they did. Nicole Kulwicki, Director of Marketing for Heinz says consumers suggested that name along with “Pink Sauce” and “Fry Sauce,” but ultimately, “Mayochup” got the most votes - over 500-thousand! So it won the honor and now we’re stuck with it.

Source: Delish

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