Kristen Bell: Hubby Pushes Back on Haters

A couple days ago, we told you how Kristen Bell has revealed she vapes weed around her sober husband Dax Shepard. Her comments were met with some backlash from fans... and after a recent tweet from CBS’s “The Talk” about it, Shepard is firing back.

“The Talk” shared a tweet that asks fans if they would expect their spouse to be sober if they were. Responses were mixed, with some fans saying she should respect his sobriety. Dax responds - and agrees - with fans telling people to mind their own business. “That would be like a diabetic expecting their partner to never eat dessert," he writes. "Get real!”

To be fair, the actress expected the criticism. That’s why during her interview she made sure to note that her husband “Doesn’t have a problem with anyone else partaking in anything, provided within reason that they’re not acting like a complete schmuck." And she's clearly not!



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