Demi Lovato: Two Days on Life Support

Following her overdose, Demi Lovato spent two days on life support. Her mother just revealed, (quote) “We just didn’t know for two days if she was going to make it or not.” Mom has dedicated herself to fighting the scourge of opioid overdoses.

TMZ reports this morning that ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama has "put his life on hold" to support Demi. She's transferred to a "world-renowned" rehab facility, which sounds like the Hazeldon-Betty Ford Clinic.

Dianna De La Garza sat for an interview for the first time since Demi’s near-fatal overdose two months ago. The morning of the incident, her phone blew up with texts but she didn’t know why. She credits Demi’s millions of fans for their prayers and the “good doctors at Cedars-Sinai.”

Dianna learned about the overdose from Demi’s “personal assistant at the time.” She was too overcome by emotions to drive to the hospital, so she had to catch a ride with one of Demi's sisters. (E! News)

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