Hurricane Florence Causing a Sharknado?

Hurricane Florence is likely to strike the coast of North Carolina by Friday, reports the National Hurricane Center. Well...add to of a suspected sharknado ATTACHED to the storm is making rounds on social media.

This news is implying that, along with winds of 140 miles an hour, Americans should fear live sharks, which have been sucked into the hurricane.

There were so many reports of this real, live Sharknado...the National Weather Service had to weigh in telling Metro magazine, "Hurricane Florence is a dangerous storm that is a threat to parts of the East Coast. Residents should be tracking factual information from NOAA's National Weather Service at and Unlike in the science fiction movies, flying sharks are not one of the hazards with any hurricane."

The NOAA confirms a sharknado is impossible, though research does show that animals can be relocated from their habitats during storms.

One instance where sharks were swept to shore occurred last March during Cyclone Debbie. A bull shark was displaced from the ocean and seen in the Australian town of Ayr.

So...just to be clear...a lot of scary stuff is coming with Hurricane Florence...but not sharks.

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