Tracking Hurricane Florence: The Latest

Over a million people are under evacuation orders as Hurricane Florence approaches the southeastern Unites States. And it’s easy to see why – while Florence is currently a Category Four hurricane, there are concerns she could become a Cat Five – and she’s taking a path for a direct hit on the Carolina coast this Thursday.

What happens from there? Forecasters aren’t willing to say for sure, but aside from tremendously damaging winds, they are very confident that Florence will stall and rain. And rain. As you might recall, that’s what happened last year with Hurricane Harvey in Houston. That’s also why no one wants to take any chances.

Governors up and down the coast are ordering everyone within the so-called “cone of uncertainty” to move inland. And they’re ordering it now so that people have time to get out safely.

  • As part of that, the Navy is sending all ships at its largest base - Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia - out to sea, so that the vessels may avoid the battering. Almost 30 ships were ordered to leave and in a statement, Admiral Christopher Grady explains that the ships can better weather storms of this magnitude when they are out at sea.
  • Someone else concerned about the people affected by Florence? President Trump. He’s already declaring a state of emergency for North and South Carolina as Hurricane Florence moves closer. The move frees up federal aid to help state and local response teams. “Looking like a direct hit on North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Please be prepared, be careful and be SAFE,” he offered via Twitter. “Federal Government stands by, ready to assist 24/7.”

Source: CNN

Here's the latest on what could be the worst part of the storm for our area...storm surge:

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