This Service Takes Your Ex’s Stuff Away For You

Let's be honest, break ups suck! You've just spent all this time with this person. Devoted part of your life to them. And now it's done and some of their stuff is still at your place but you don't have the strength to get ride of it. Good thing it's 2018 and there's literally a service for EVERYTHING.

I'd like to introduce you to ExBox, a new service that lets you schedule a pickup of all the unwelcome romantic souvenirs so you don’t have to look at them anymore. 

You fill out a questionnaire on the ExBox site with basic contact info, as well as a ranking of how horrible your ex really was. And the worse the breakup, the more money you can save. Then they’ll pick up and store your ex’s stuff for as long as you like so you can get it out of sight and hopefully off your mind. The service is currently available in four cities: New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, and you can get your ex’s things picked up in 24 hours after scheduling, so you can fast track your healing process.

Would you use this service? Do you think it's ingenious?

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