Dancing with the Stars!

The latest season of Dancing with the Stars is set to begin in just a few weeks and while the pro dancers line up have been announcing everyone, at least everyone that watches the show, is wondering who the stars for this season are. Let's go down the list of rumored and confirmed stars

Nancy McKeon - you know her as Jo from Facts of Life. So far she's the only 100% confirmed star and she's been partnered up with pro Val Chmerkovskiy. She hasn't really done much since 2011 but she'll always be a star in MY eyes. Btw, we all know Jo was definitely a lesbian right? I mean, come on.

Mary Lou Retton - won a gold medal, two silver medals and two bronze medals while competing as a gymnast back at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Even though she may be 50 let's not forget that gymnasts know how to move.

Bobby Bones - you know this guy. iHeartMedia's very own Bobby Bones, star of The Bobby Bones Show! If you listen to country music AT ALL you've probably heard of this guy. To be honest this pick surprised me. I'm not an avid watcher of DWTS but I do believe Bones might be the first radio personality on the show.

Alexis Ren - according to US Weekly she's a model that rose to fame through Instagram... After that she's appeared on Maxim and Sports Illustrated. I see we're using the term "stars" loosely now.

John Schneider - depending on what generation you're from you either know this guy as Bo Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard or you know him as Jonathan Kent from Smallville. Yeah I'd count Schneider as a star. An active star as well since this man has been in television and film within the past five years.

DeMarcus Ware - I believe he's suppose to count as the residential athlete that probably has very little dancing skills. Ware use to play for the Denver Broncos and before that the Dallas Cowboys before he announced his retirement from the NFL back in 2016. Historically football players haven't done too bad in the competition. 

Danelle Umstead - a Paralympic alpine skier that competed in the Winter Paralympics in Vancouver in 2010, Sochi in 2014 and Pyeongchang in 2018. She might be the surprised one to watch. 

Juan Pablo Di Pace - actor, plays Fernando, the estranged husband of Kimmy Gibbler, on Netflix’s Full House revival, Fuller House. Honestly I had to look this guy up because at first I was afraid it was going to be the guy from The Bachelor. Would I say Juan Pablo is a "star"? Well judging by his acting credits, sure. I mean after all he's a bigger "star" than some of the other people listed.

What do you think of the line up so far? Are you impressed? Do you think they're using the term "stars" pretty loosely? Are you like me and only plan on watching the highlights on YouTube the following morning? Let me know!

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