Did Gwen Stefani Inspire Donald Trump to Run for President?

If you believe director Michael Moore, we can all thank Gwen Stefani for Donald Trump becoming president. In Moore’s new documentary “Fahrenheit 11/9,” he claims that back in June, 2015, Trump decided to announce a run for president because of a salary dispute with NBC after finding out Gwen made more money than him.

“Trump found out that NBC was paying Gwen Stefani more on ‘The Voice’ than Trump got paid for ‘The Apprentice,”” Moore claims. “So he planned a fake announcement to run for president . . . in order to prove to NBC he was more popular than Gwen and [they] would give him more money.”

Moore doesn’t have any proof of his theory, and he doesn’t reveal the source of his info, but it's important to point out that both Trump and Moore are represented by the same agent, Ari Emanuel.

“Fahrenheit 11/9” debuted at the Toronto Film Festival last night. It’s set to open September 21st.

  • ONE MORE THING! Us Weekly reports that Gwen and ex-husband Gavin Rossdale were recently in mediation over “ongoing parenting issues they have over their three children.” The pair have joint custody of their three sons, and while no specific reason for the mediation was given, an insider says the hope is they “will agree to take co-parenting classes as that will only benefit the children.”

Source: New York Post

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