Mugshot: Former Disney Star Arrested

If only Orlando Brown could stop breaking the law, his life could be so good. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. This time, he got busted in Vegas after he got caught on camera changing the locks at Legends Restaurant & Venue. 

Legends is owned by Orlando’s childhood friend, Danny Boy – best known as the singer on Tupac’s hit, “I Ain’t Mad at Cha.” The alarm is set up to trigger an alert on Danny’s phone. He called the cops, who found Orlando on the roof. The ex-Disney star tried to tell them that he had permission to change the locks. Danny shot that down, and Orlando got arrested. 

According to Danny, Orlando was released from the hospital two weeks ago and needed a place to sleep, so he invited him to stay in the restaurant. He said that Orlando appeared in a haze and accused Danny of stealing money from him. He pressed charges in hopes that Orlando can get the help he needs. Judging by his mugshot, which you can SEE HERE, he needs a fair amount.

Source: TMZ

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