Military guide on how to fall asleep 'within two minutes'???


A book in 1981 revealed a secret method the U.S. military supposedly came up with that can put you to sleep in 2 mins.  I'm skeptical but will try tonight as its cheaper than a double vodka and soda (okay maybe bad joke)

 Here are the five steps you need to follow. Do you think it works?

1. Relax face, including tongue, jaw and the muscles around your eyes.

2. Drop shoulders as low as they can go. Relax your arms one at a time.

3. Breathe out, and relax chest.

4. Relax legs, starting with thighs and then calves.

5. Picture yourself in a calm location, like lying in a canoe under a clear blue sky. . . or lying in a black velvet hammock in a dark room (okay??? haha).

...and now video of people FAILING to fall asleep. haha

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