Local TV Meteorologist beat up a TV Anchor = Cracked Skull

I love working in media but never wanted to work solely in TV.  This story is a good part of why!  When you work in TV you can't do anything without judgment.  Be it drinking in public, dancing at a concert or simply dropping a F Bomb when needed around small children (or maybe not).  Here is a story about two women that seem to get along...but when drinks are flowin so are the punches.

CLICK HERE for the story.

A woman named Erica Bivens is the anchor at WSAZ in Charleston, West Virginia.  Another woman named Chelsea Ambriz does the weather there.  Well . . . they were out at a bar and Erica accused Chelsea of FLIRTING with her HUSBAND.  Chelsea SHOVED Erica, and they both fell down . . . but Erica wound up with a ruptured eardrum and a FRACTURED SKULL.  Chelsea was arrested for misdemeanor battery of a coworker, and she's due in court in three weeks.  Neither of them has been on the air since.



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