Lesner Bridge finally opens other side...a year late

If you follow me on IG you know I'm an annoying runner that likes to post picture of myself all sweaty. Today I finally got to run on the other side of the Lesner bridge on shore drive, VaBeach.  If you live around here in the Bay communities its a big deal.  Especially because the bridge construction is a year behind schedule.  CLICK HERE for some of that story.  Also, the company doing the work is the same company that did the work on the recent bridge collapse in Florida.  CLICK HERE for some of that story.

BUT anyway....They still aren't done (CLICK HERE) but it looks pretty good to me.  Finally adds a nice and wide bike/walk/run path over the bridge.  That giant art structure made out of metal kayaks is pretty cool too.  FUNNY PART...the sidewalks don't connect to anything after the bridge but do lead to two great coffee places, Sugar Shack or American Brew.


From a month ago when i could only see the other side.



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