Ariana Grande Shows Love for Aretha and Plenty of Herself

Ariana Grande showed plenty of love for Aretha Franklin at the Queen of Soul's funeral on Friday -- but she also showed plenty of herself, which upset some folks.

Ari stepped to the front of Detroit's Greater Grace Temple to sing Aretha's "Natural Woman" and earned oohs and aahs from the congregation. Some onlookers took exception to Ari's appearance, however, focusing more on her very short dress and offering comments like "someone needed to put a sheet on her...had she never been in a black church before?" And "My grandma watching Ariana Grande sing at Aretha Frankin’s funeral, 'I don’t like to see knobby knees'.”

On the other hand, former President Bill Clinton, seated on the stage, looked entirely pleased at what he was seeing.



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