Netflix hacks that you didn't know about

4 silly hacks to help your NETFLIX life more enjoyable.

1.  Remove  titles from your history.  Like if you watched all B rated skinamax film and don't want anyone to see.  Just get to your "Account" page on a computer . . . scroll down to "My Profile" . . . and click "Viewing Activity." 

 2.  Keep binge-watching a show without feeling judged.  There's a Chrome extension for PC and MAC called "Never Ending Netflix" keeps the "Are you still watching" message from popping up.

 3.  Rotate the video, so you can lie down and watch it sideways in bed.  THIS IS DUMB BTW.  There's another Chrome extension called Netflix Flip that does it.   

4.  If you've watched EVERYTHING, try "Netflix Roulette." has a feature that lets you sort by genre.  And you can choose a minimum rating on Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB.  Then it spits out a random option that fits. 

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