If You’re Looking to Book a Cheap Flight, Today Is the Day

If you are looking to get away this fall or winter but don’t have a lot of cash, today’s the day to start booking some flights. Today is actually known as “National Cheap Flight Day,” which is when airfare begins to decrease, since with kids back and school and summer almost over, we are heading into off-peak travel season. 

So, what kind of deals can you get? Well, according to CheapOAir, in the coming weeks, popular international destinations can be about 7% cheaper, while domestic flights can decrease as much as 9%. The site notes that those looking for less expensive flights will likely find during a four-week period that begins in the third week of August (a.ka. now), through the second week of September. Flights will then start increasing, all the way through Thanksgiving.

As for which destinations will likely see the best deals, the site revealed the Top Ten domestic destinations for Cheap Flight Day. They include:

  • Los Angeles (average airfare, $266)
  • Las Vegas ($261)
  • Denver ($228)
  • Orlando ($251)
  • Miami ($291)
  • Fort Lauderdale ($254)
  • San Francisco ($304)
  • Boston ($295)
  • Seattle ($299)
  • Phoenix ($308)

Source: Travel Daily News

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