Ben Affleck Back in Rehab Thanks to Jen

We've been telling you that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce settlement is being held up until Ben can prove he’s 100% clean. Well, he's not. And apparently, while he’s been going to AA meetings, things took a bad turn. 

A few days ago, he was spotted signing for an alcohol delivery outside his home. Who knows how she got wind of things, but Garner was seen at the house later that day. Fast forward - and now she's reportedly staged an intervention. The good news? An insider tells E! News the actor wasn’t resistant at all – in fact, he asked to be brought to the facility. And Garner drove him there. 

Of course, this news all comes in the wake of Affleck being seen out and about with 22-year old Playboy model Shauna Sexton (who reportedly loves whisky "all day"). As sources have said, Garner doesn’t mind who he dates, she’s just worried about Affleck maintaining his sobriety. Seems like her hunch was right...

Source: People

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