What happens when I visit parents in the country!

Last week I made the summer pilgrimage to my parents house in SC.  We call it the "Compound" because its fenced in with secure automated locks and scary warning signs that don't need to be posted here. ha.

Below you;ll find a few highlights from the recent trip.  Starting with what happens when you hear a buzzing noise in the garden.  Of course...thump on the flower to aggravated whatever is in there. YES, I ran away.  Mom also makes me fresh sushi when I come home!  Lawd I love having an Asian mother!  Later you'll see the scary tennis court at their house.  It was always odd because they never painted lines...Because its not about winning but more having fun together...Now it looks like its hidden in the jungle.  Best part is the pool.  It's lonely, small and floatable with a beverage while mom was at church. :)



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