Nicki Minaj Abruptly Cancels Tour

Nicki Minaj, who is showing signs of “spiraling out of control,” abruptly canceled her NickiHndrxx Tourwith Future.

A statement from Live Nation said that Nicki needs to “reevaluate elements of production.” It was supposed to start in Baltimore in less than a month. Early this morning, Nicki tweeted a video explaining that she needs more time to rehearse before launching the "best show of my life." (Rolling Stone)

Meanwhile, the New York Post reported that ticket sales were “in the toilet.” Arenas that hold 20,000 had sold just one-tenth of the seats.  A concerned music biz insider declared (quote) “Nicki has gone off the rails. She can’t take it that she sold fewer records than Cardi B. She can’t take Travis Scott beating her to Number 1. Her ticket sales for her tour are in the toilet, and it’s making her even more crazy.”

  • This month could not have gone any worse for Nicki.
  • Chaos around the release of her Queen album and now this reveals an artist feeling the pressure of staying on top of the rap game.
  • Nicki intends on touring next May, but scheduling conflicts means Future cannot join her.
  • She’ll have to record and release more music to attract a crowd nine months from now.

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