Good News: Jon Stewart Helps out NYC Subway Goats

A couple of goats were found hanging around the New York City subway tracks. They were tranquilized and captured thanks to the NYPD, but it looks like we have a new hero to thank for giving the “baaaaad boys” a new home.

In a video posted to Twitter, former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart can be seen loading the lost goats into a truck headed to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York. Stewart owns the animal sanctuary with his wife Tracey McShane. See the video below.

So, it looks like the trouble-making goats, reportedly named Billy and Willy, have the comedian to thank for their new digs! Hopefully, they won’t try to skip town on the train again… 

ONE MORE THING! - This isn’t the first time Jon Stewart has lent a helping hand to an animal lost in the big city. NY1 reported back in 2016 that he helped wrangle a runaway bull near York College in Queens, New York, also taking it to his animal sanctuary upstate.

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