Cards Against Humanity is Hiring!

If this whole radio thing doesn't work out, I think I may have found my new career.

The popular game, Cards Against Humanity, is looking for new writers! The job pays $40 an hour and the lucky new contributor will be able to work remotely, according to the Cards Against Humanity post.

In case you've never played the game it's sort of like a more raunchy version of Apples to Apples. If you've never played Apples to Apples before... we need to talk. Essentially the game consists of white cards that players use to fill in the same blank created by one of the black cards. The combination can be silly, vile, shocking or hilarious, and the player who chose the black card gets to judge the white cards, selecting a winner.

Those interested in applying are asked to send their best 15 white cards and five best black cards by August 31.

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