Costco Is the New Fight Club

We are taught to believe that at a certain age we mature and conduct ourselves in a proper manner when out in public. But apparently that all goes out the window when it comes to free samples!

A Costco in Greenville, South Carolina was a the host of an all-out brawl between two elderly men when, according to witnesses, an unnamed 72-year-old man cut a 70-year-old man in line while waiting for a free cheese sample. The 72-year-old ONCE AGAIN cut the 70-year-old in line for a cheeseburger sample and that's when things got a bit... physical. The sample server says the line-cutter then smacked the other man in the face.

The line-cutting culprit says he only did it because he thought the other guy was going to hit him first out of anger. Police are still trying to sort out the details, awaiting review of surveillance footage before they make any arrests.



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