One In Five Children...

Before we dive into this I need you to answer a question. When you initially saw the headline was your gut reaction, "Oh no, what's happening now?" or was it, "I have faith in humanity and our children."? Luckily it doesn't matter because for once this isn't about American children. Nope, this deals with children in jolly ole England.

 A new poll has revealed that about a fifth of British children don’t know that apples come from trees.

Researchers polled 1,000 kids, age six to 12, and found that a significant amount of them don’t know where their favorite fruit really comes from. Out of those kids, about 20% don’t know that apples grow on trees, and 80% think that bananas do grow on trees.

After hearing about this British TV personality Katie Piper decided to team up with organic fruit juice company Honest Kids and spent the day at a fruit farm with a group of children. Hopefully after the trip every single of of these kids know that apples grow on trees.

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