Don't Speed in Virginia

I've had my license for a decade now and I've only gotten two speeding tickets. Well, four if you count the tickets I received from speed tickets. I'd like to state that one of those speed cameras was at the bottom of a hill though and should NOT count.

It turns out there are some cities where you’re more likely to get caught, and others where you may be more lucky, and a new report reveals which ones they are. WalletHub has just come out with their list of the strictest states when it comes to speeding and reckless driving, so next time you’re getting behind the wheel you may want to take note.

The site compared driving laws in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and finds that Delaware is the state that’s the strictest when it comes to dangerous driving. The state earns an overall score of 20 and is tops in reckless driving penalties, and eighth in speeding enforcement. As for the state where you’re most likely to get caught speeding, that would be right here, Virginia.

As for the state where you can get away with the most reckless driving, that would be Texas, which earns an overall score of 2.5 and ranks dead last for speeding enforcement.

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