Shampoo vs Your Phone

Let's be real, for just a second. I'm getting pretty tired of all these articles appearing, bashing millennials. Saying we're destroying this industry and that industry. Or that we're obsessed with technology...


Oh no...

According to a Business Insider article, 41% of millennials said they'd rather give up shampooing for a week than give up their phones. The survey was conducted by Visible, and it gets worse.

 " In the survey, a similar number of respondents (54%) said they would be willing to give up movies and TV for a month, while 28% said they would be willing to give up their pet for the week, 23% chose their phone over caffeine, and a small 17% took the 'take my toothbrush but not my cell phone' approach."

I would NEVER give up my pet over my smartphone.  And who the heck are these people choosing their cell phones over their toothbrushes?!? Nasty. But I'll admit, I'd give up shampooing for a week if it meant I could keep my cell phone. To be honest with you, I don't think I've actually shampooed my hair in about two or three weeks.

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