Bad*ss Grandma Kills Bobcat with Bare Hands

A Georgia woman suffered bites and scratches after a rabid bobcat attacked her outside her house.

Dede Phillips says the reason she is still alive today is that she simply refused to die after being attacked by a bobcat.

Last Thursday, Phillips says she walked outside her Hart County, Georgia home and saw a bobcat under her SUV.

The nearly 40-pound animal jumped five feet and landed on her chest, and started attacking her face.

She says she was struggling not to scream.

"My five-year-old granddaughter was in the house and I didn't want her coming out. If she would have came out it would have killed her," said Phillips.

She fought to get a good grip around its neck while it bit her arms, legs, fingers and face.

Once the bobcat stopped moving, she yelled for someone to call 911. When police arrived, she said her arms and legs were numb, but her hands were still gripped around the bobcat’s neck.

Phillips is recovering and being treated for a rabies infection.

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