Same Day Delivery Is Here!

Remember when you had to go to the store to get your items? Then the internet boom and you could order your items online but had to wait 5-7 business days to receive it. Then Amazon gave us Prime, which allowed "free" 2-day shipping. Guess what Hampton Roads, it just got better!

It was recently announced that Amazon has launched its free Prime, same-day delivery service in Virginia Beach. You can literally order something in the morning and get it before bed that same day, seven days a week. It's for orders over $35. Amazon says some of the first same-day deliveries in Virginia Beach were a mini movie projector and a sleeping bag.

After some research though I discovered that it seems almost everyone in Hampton Roads has access to same-say delivery. I went to Amazon's website, typed in various zip codes around the Hampton Roads area, and a majority of them came back eligible. So don't worry if you live in Chesapeake, Newport News, or Hampton, you don't have to move to get your same-day delivery.


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