Freckle Tattoos

It's too early for this. Why is this happening? Why are people doing this? When did we reach a point where people are getting FRECKLES tattooed on them?

It’s pretty safe to say that Meghan Markle’s wedding look was iconic. From her dress to her makeup, people were obsessed- so much so that they're now getting Meghan’s famous freckles tatted on their faces. People used to hide their freckles and mask them with makeup, but thanks to Meghan, freckles are getting the moment they deserve.

Tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow has been getting tons of requests for faux-freckles since the Royal Wedding and she thinks Meghan has “boosted customers’ interest in the whole idea of freckles.” The process of getting the freckles tattooed takes up to an hour and the results resemble tiny “bee stings.” Don’t worry if they look a little dark at first- the pigment settles after a couple months and you eventually end up with a nice dusting of freckles. What’s great is that the tattoos aren’t even permanent. They only last up to three years.

Experts note that if you can’t commit to three years- try dotting an eyebrow pencil across your face.

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