Airline Passengers from Hell

You're probably like me. You like to fly because it's a whole lot quicker than driving, but you also HATE flying because you're stuck in a small space with a bunch of people you don't know. And some of those people are AWFUL. just revealed their annual “Passengers From Hell” survey, which asked travelers to rate ten different passenger types on a scale of one to ten, from most irritating to least.

Top Ten Most Annoying Passengers

  1. Smelly passenger
  2. Out of control children
  3. Passengers who recline their seats
  4. Armrest hogs
  5. Too much carry on luggage
  6. Passengers with weak bladders
  7. Chatterbox
  8. Passenger who does exercise in the aisles
  9. Arrogant and demanding passenger
  10. Window hogger 

Window hoggers don't really bother me because I don't want to look out the window anyway. But I agree when it comes to the smelly passenger, the ones with too much carry on luggage, and of course the chatterboxes. Listen Becca, I don't want to hear your voice for this whole five hour flight, I just want to listen to my music!

Tell me what you think of the list! Do you agree? Is there another awful passenger that should be on this list instead?

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