Jacked for KFC

A man’s got to eat, but one California man has taken it too far. Police say that a homeless man had forced his way into another dude’s car and then demanded to go to KFC. The driver had been looking for a parking spot when Alberto Ulloa-Avila opened the door and hopped in the passenger seat. He then forced the driver to take him anywhere he wanted to go and threatened to harm the driver if he didn’t.

The driver says he complied and took Avila to his first stop, KFC. After he parked the car Avila allegedly tried to rob the man. That’s when the victim got out of the car and began to run away. In a bizarre turn, the suspect then got into the driver’s seat an reportedly chased the man down in it. 

Police were able to make it to the scene and arrest Avila. The driver was unharmed.


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