Delta-Themed Wedding

They say it's important to have some type of theme when it comes to your wedding. Apparently this couple went with a high flying theme.

A Memphis couple took their wedding to new heights when the Delta Air Lines super-fans threw themselves an airline themed wedding. Bess Wohlner and Jeremy Simons - both Diamond Medallion members with Delta - have paid homage to their favorite airline at their wedding complete with beverage carts and bag tags. 

The two reportedly met in 2009 while in rabbinical school and frequently traveled Delta for assignments. They went their separate ways for a while, but coincidentally met on a Delta flight from New York to Tel Aviv.

Their wedding was officiated by a fellow Delta Medallion member. Both the bride and groom parties wore navy, a nod to Delta’s signature color, and their guests were seating with bag tags. The couple even ate their wedding cake off a beverage cart, which they own.

Guests were also able to take pictures in a photo booth that simulated the inside of airplane complete with oxygen masks and the couple’s own decommissioned business class seats. As for their honeymoon, the couple jetted off through Europe and the states on - you guessed it - Delta Air Lines.

You can check out the picture from their wedding here.

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