I've heard of people turning their placenta into something else after giving birth. I've heard of placenta pills, eating it in soup, turning it into a clutch person, etc. There are some studies out there that say eating the placenta has a lot of benefits but I'm just not sure if I agree with what this English mom did.

English mom Jay Woodall always wanted to repurpose her placenta and finally figured out what to do with it by her third child. She paid $42 for her placenta to be blended with coconut water and berries and an additional $210 for it to be dehydrated and turned into pills.

What may be even more interesting is that she served her blended concoction to her husband Jon and middle son Demitrius for its health benefits. “It just tasted like a berry smoothie. It had coconut water and berries in it so tasted really nice,” says Woodal. “I had a boost of energy, better deeper sleep, and my mood was boosted – I felt really good. Milk production was good too, I had to take less because I was producing too much milk.” She went on to explain how her husband tried it out of curiosity and her son thought it was yummy.

Is it weird that the men in her life are eating something that came from her body? Something that came from an intimate part of her body? Let me know what you think because I think we may have gone to far with the placenta craze.

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