"Meant To Be" Twitter Feud

Every now and then there's a feud on Twitter. Maybe someone called someone else ugly, criticize their plastic surgery, or even someone's very own art. That's exactly what happened on Tuesday when "country singer" Wheeler Walker Jr. called Bebe Rexha a "talentless @$$hole" that has "ruined" country music with her song "Meant to Be" featuring Florida Georgia Line.

So let's do a run down of what happened. First, Walker randomly tweets about "Meant to Be"

Walker Tweet 1

Then, for some reason, Walker decided to post a video filled with expletives.


After posting the video Walker decided to respond to some of the tweets he received after the initial tweet.

FINALLY Bebe Rexha responded, and she definitely proved that in this argument she's the adult.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any weirder... Walker came back to say he would give the song another listen.

The last tweet that had the Apple link was actually a link to HIS latest album. After doing some research on this guy I found out that his actual name is Ben Hoffman. He's a comedian from Kentucky and Wheeler Walker Jr is just his alter ego. According to Wikipedia his style of comedy is satire, insult, "blue" comedy, etc. It seems to me that this was probably all a ruse to get attention for himself and his new album. Or this man is insane and needs to seek help. Either way, I think he got exactly what he wanted.


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