Best Place to Visit in the U.S.

I've never heard of Money magazine, but I figure if anyone knows about traveling on a budget, it would be the Money people! The magazine just came out with their list of the 20 Best Places to Go To in 2018, which consists of destinations both in the U.S. and internationally that deliver the highest value for your dollar. They’ve even come up with an estimated weekly cost for a visit, which includes average airfare, a week’s worth of hotel rooms, plus local transportation, meals, and activities for two.

Believe it or not the #1 place is in our own backyard, or maybe it's our front yard, it's in our own state.

Top Ten U.S. Places To Visit In 2018(cost per week)

  • Alexandria, VA ($2,450)
  • Harper’s Ferry, WV ($2,219)
  • Stateline, NV ($2,467)
  • Glen Arbor, MI ($2,689)
  • Pompano Beach, FL ($2,125)
  • Chicago, IL ($2,713)
  • Anaheim, CA ($2,361)
  • Lake George, NY ($2,587)
  • Oklahoma City, OK ($2,034)
  • Philadelphia, PA ($2,749) 

The site goes more into detail about why each place is THE place to visit and there's even a list for international travels. 


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