What He Did to Cheer Up Wife with Cancer

Husband’s “Dudeoir” Photo Shoot Cheers Up Cancer Stricken Wife 

One man is proving that he's got Valentine's Day DOWN!

Tyler Arnet skipped the traditional route of candy and flowers and went right for a unique idea. His wife was diagnosed with a rare cancer, so she needed all the cheering up she could get. 

He came up with the idea for a “dudeoir” photo shoot. He grabbed a pair of boxer briefs, some flour and a Christopher Walken pillow, then went to work! Before you ask, he got a professional photographer to take the shots.

It’s hard to believe, but somehow the pictures came out both humorous and sexy, so props to Jill Steenson for her great eye for a shot. Arnet wasn’t trying to be funny, it just happened. He says he was all in, “I was definitely in the zone. There was nothing stopping me. At one point I straight up said, ‘Watch out, Tyra Banks — I’m coming.'”

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