Video: Adele and Sam Smith the Same Person?

Adele and Sam Smith are both Brits, and both GRAMMY-winning artists, but are they really the same person? Well, in case you missed it, that’s the latest conspiracy theory circulating on the Internet.

It all started when someone posted video of the slowed down the vinyl version of Adele’s “Hello,” which made her sound awfully like Sam. The clip has already been shared over 125K times, and liked over 300K times, with the user, known as Jesse, then sharing another clip, of Adele’s “Million Years Ago,” which also sounds a bit like Sam.

“Mate. they’re never seen together at the same event. they’re British legends, sing the same genre. legit I’m telling you. *x-files theme tune*,” the user wrote. “It all adds up. I just googled to find a picture of them together. There is non! I think they are the same person!

But does it work in reverse? Well, someone tried to speed up Sam’s “Too Good at Goodbyes,” and the results aren’t as promising.

So far neither Adele or Sam have commented on the theory. Check out the clips to the right.

Source: The Daily Mail

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