Video: Ben Affleck Groping MTV Host

Ben Affleck is one of the celebs slamming Harvey Weinstein but according to new reports, he could be a bigger problem than he is an ally. Hilarie Burton alleges that Affleck groped her back when she was a host on "TRL." And she's got tape to back her up.

This 2003 on camera incident came to light after a Twitter user brought it up in response to Affleck's statement on Weinstein. Burton responded, saying she never forgot about the incident, which happened when she was "just a kid." She then shared a video from the show "MTV TRL Uncensored" where she mentioned the incident.

What's more, you also see Ben ask Hilarie, "How old are you, 19?" Affleck's response? He quickly and took to Twitter to apologize for "acting inappropriately" toward Burton. 

But as one scandal was winding down, another popped up. Well, sort of. Another video from around the same time shows Affleck getting veryhandsy with Anne-Marie Losique’s, who was then a reporter for Montreal’s entertainment news show “Box Office.” Aside from being grabby grabby, Affleck also talks about her body and even mocks disabled people in the clip. 

This time, though, Anne-Marie says she is not a victim. "We are more open about sexually explicit jokes,” she says of Montreal audiences. “Humor is nice when it’s uncomfortable. Sometimes it crosses the PC line. As long as the intent is not to hurt anybody.” She adds that Ben, who was engaged to Jennifer Lopez at the time, never made any advances off screen. 

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