Who Doesn't Love Snacks?

A lot of us keep a stockpile of snacks at work or home and now thanks to the Internet, we can peek into other people’s private stashes. People are sharing photos of their own snack stashes on Twitter. And as strange as it might seem, being a bit of a voyeur into people’s snack habits is really pretty interesting.

Scrolling through pics of people’s snacks tells us a lot about them and lets us see how our own stash stacks up. There are drawers full of candy, for those #treatyoself moments. And plenty of healthy eating inspiration from those packing their #snackdrawer full of almond butter, nuts, and green tea. Some are even #whole30 and #paleo-approved!

No matter your own personal snack stash style, there’s probably a photo of a similar one on Twitter. From those who stock only one thing - like a whole drawer full of nothing but dozens of Nutri Grain bars, to perfectly organized drawers where everything is lined up so neatly it’ll calm your inner OCD. Or at least give you something to look at while you’re having a snack break.

Source: Self

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