Meet the Human Tray

If lying on a table covered in appetizers wearing nothing but a flesh-colored thong sounds like your idea of a good time, you might want to get a side gig as a human food platter. Yes, it’s a real thing and people like Miranda Robero enjoys the work - where people eat food off of her body.

Robero is one of eight “human trays” at Lust, a trendy new “immersive erotically charged dinner party” in Brooklyn. And tickets to eat finger food off a live lady go from $90 to $140. And she makes between $200 and $400 for a two-hour stint, which could add up if it was steady work, but there’s not much demand, so she says she only does it a few times a year.

After showering and slipping into a thong, a “food artist” arranges the human trays with nibbles. Then these women have to get into a very relaxed state because strangers will soon be feasting from their bodies. But Robero says she’s never had anyone overstep and fondle her as they reached for food.

“All of my senses are heightened when I’m lying down in this vulnerable state,” she explains. “The sensation when people grab food off my body is very satisfying and arousing.” And that’s probably more excited than most of us get at our jobs.

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