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Ed Sheeran says that when he toured with Taylor Swift several years ago, he hooked up with some of her famous friends. "I would often find myself in situations just kind of waking up and looking over and being like, 'How the f*** did that happen?'" He didn't name names, though. In a new "Rolling Stone" interview, Ed says he mashed potatoes with some of Taylor's famous friends when he went on tour with her several years back.

Survey time! Do you like it quiet or loud when you pay to watch a movie in the theaters? The idea to silence your phones and no talking.  The worst idea in the cinema has made its way to theaters. Two theaters are opening in Southern California next week with PLAYGROUNDS inside. They say the intention is to make kids feel welcome and comfortable. AND it’s $3 MORE!! So to recap: Great idea? Serving beer and food IN the theater. Bad idea? Putting a PLAYGROUND in the theater! Read more here!!

Katy Perry is juggling two ex-lovers and playing them off each other. John Mayer recently reconnected with Katy. It's just a friendly check on how she’s doing post-breakup. He’s thinking rebound romance. She’s not opposed to the idea. Meanwhile, Orlando Bloom hasn’t left the picture. A source told E! News, “They still text and talk. Getting back together with Perry is not out of the question. ”If Katy plays her cards right, Orlando will grow jealous of John Mayer and give her a second shot. Unless Danny Meyers moves in on her.

And just for fun.....the many looks of Katy Perry's HAIR!!

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