Trending With Tricia 3.7.17

Forget the rhythm, it sounds like Katy Perry is really chained to John Mayer. According to tabloid reports, Mayer came "Roar"-ing back into Katy's life just days after she officially confirmed her split from boyfriend Orlando Bloom. But is he creeping on her, or just being a nice guy? It depends who you ask. One pal of Katy's says, “John reached out to Katy right after he heard that she and Orlando were broken up. He wanted to just make sure that she was okay.” But another source says, “Everyone is convinced that Katy and John will get back together and end up together. Some of Katy’s friends think she will never get over John.”

The new “Beauty and the Beast” film opens in theaters on March 17th, and to coincide with the release, Ariana Grande and John Legend just debuted the music video for their version of the film’s title track. It features some footage from the film. Meanwhile, there is a moment in the film that involves Josh Gad‘s character LeFou, who is the faithful sidekick to the villain Gaston played by Luke Evans. It shouldn’t be a shock to some viewers that this character is gay as there were always some subtle references to it in the animated film and while many people probably expect the “exclusively gay moment” to happen between LeFou and Gaston, this is not the case.


Anna Ferris will star in a remake of the 1987 romantic comedy "Overboard" where a carpenter makes a mean rich lady with amnesia think she's his wife. Are you okay with that?  The original starred Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.


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